After three runs with us, we ask that you become a member of the London Frontrunners.

Click here to join the club or renew your membership here.

Your contribution helps the club by providing funds for general running costs, including things such as:

  • Paying in advance for changing and showering facilities for our weekly runs
  • The club’s affiliation with England Athletics
  • Race entry fees for club members
  • Club kit
  • Booking fees for social events

Annual membership fees

Our membership plan is simple: it’s just an annual plan that runs from 1 April to 31 March each year:

  • Standard: £48
  • Unwaged: £24
  • Second Claim: £33

£15 of the standard and unwaged membership fee goes directly to England Athletics so that you will be a registered athlete. If you are already a registered athlete with another club, and London Frontrunners would be your second claim club, you can pay the reduced ‘Second Claim’ fee by providing your Unique Running Number and first claim club, when you join the club.

If you sign up as a new member part way through the year, the full membership fee will be reduced and you can see the reduced rates here.

Please note membership renewals are always charged at the annual rate regardless of when you renew.